13th class of Computer Club

So, we’re back! After a pause of a whopping three weeks, we have continued on with the 13th class of Computer Club.

Not many of us were present during this particular class.

Kopi is still making his Pokemon game. He had trouble writing the dialogue for the character of Dr. Oak. After some trial and error, and even a few Youtube tutorials, he has managed to make the dialogue for him.

Uma was present shortly, mostly doing her project in Scratch, about the cat that travels all around the world. It even has humor in it!

RPG Maker got some love, as well. The enthusiastic trio, we can call them that, as seen from the pictures below, was making a project in RPG Maker (they also used Roblox for some time). They used a template made by the teacher and added a few things, such as additional characters, actors, items and even boss fights. They stayed for additional 20 minutes in order to balance the boss fight!