12th class of Computer Club

The 12th class is also the last class before the spring break lasting for two weeks. This class was marked with a lower student count on the club, making it a bit easier for everyone to work on their projects.

Afan got his laptop back, which is now faster than ever, enabling him to continue making his project titled “Teenage life”. He is currently finishing up with the home and village of the main character. The most difficult concepts he is learning now are global and self switches.

Orhan continued making his cool game in RPG Maker MV, a newer engine in which games can be even ported to phones. He is grappling with things like plugins, but, all in all, his project is progressing quite fast, considering that he also pursues things like JAVA programming.

Adrijan is making his story-heavy game centered around an ogre character. What amazed the most is his dialog style. He invests a lot in the story and the character dialogues, writing in a unique style, which has zero to none grammar and spelling mistakes.

Dialogues was something that Kopi wanted to do the whole class in Roblox Studio. Writing dialogues in Roblox studio is a bit more restricted and difficult to do. Nonetheless, we managed to find a neat tutorial on YouTube and make it work in the end.

Adem kept experimenting with both RPG Maker VX Ace and Roblox Studio. He was trying out the many models present in Roblox Studio toolbox. Constructing the world map in RPG Maker was particularly intriguing to him.

Isak proved to be the best tester in the group, reallocating from one desk to another in order to test everyone’s game. He had a terrible grudge, since he wanted to make stuff, not test stuff. Bringing a laptop next time was one of his ideas, which might make his wish easier to fulfill for next class.