9th class of Computer Club


The ninth class of Computer Club was held on Friday, 31st of March, at 16h in the Bloom’s library. We still only have a computer and a half available in the library and, as such, Orhan, Afan and the teacher brought their own laptops.

Orhan and Adrian are trying to get into Unity, a super powerful game engine meant for real game development. Most of the time and effort was put on making a small ball move around the room. Orhan managed to do it, in the end. It has proven to be quite difficult, which might force them to return back to learning JAVA or C#.

Afan, with Lina’s help, is underway on the development of his new game, with a theme set in high school, which will follow a custom character (even gender is selected by the player). These new features require the team to learn switches and conditional branches, in order to implement various “what-ifs” in their game.

A large team was formed this week in order to make a Pokemon-themed game in Roblox studio. Since the team wanted a huge map, they tried to generate one using the built-in procedural generator. It took a looong time, which prompted the team to use the time to check out other Pokemon-themed games on Roblox. In the end, the map was too large, making the team (lead by Kopi, it seems) to opt for a smaller map.

Meanwhile, Lina and Uma were trying out (and beating) many games on Code.org and even Scratch. The games proved no match for the dream duo. Uma went on to make a few scenes in Scratch that involve the tale of the Scratch cat traveling around the globe.