Adventure, the interview

Previously, we posted the game that they made. Now, we found the team and we interviewed them. The team behind the project consists of Uma, Isak and Kopi.

Isak said that Kopi was the man behind the ideas. “I was actually telling them what to do.” Kopi mentioned. “I was naming the dogs” said the enthusiastic Uma.

The teacher asked that if Uma was the creative part, Isak the developing part, what did Kopi do. Uma took the opportunity and said that “he was bossing around!” to which Kopi replied “no, that is your part!”

For a moment it seemed like there was no consensus on who did what. “I do give ideas, but I also help them when they get stuck.” said Kopi. Isak had to use the opportunity and mentioned that Kopi is known for bad spelling and, according to Uma, for “deleting stuff”. Kopi yelled to make his case “I only deleted once!!”

What was the most difficult thing to do? Uma said that it had to be when they were making a character walk through the woods. Kopi and Isak said that that was too easy. Uma thanked the teacher because he made many things easier, to which Kopi replied that he also helped many times. Isak stated that the most difficult map to make was the Port Town and the characters in it.

It was their first game, but would they make more anytime soon? Kopi immediately said “I would!” while Uma said that they do not have a computer now and they are unable to do so.

After spending a few minutes with them, it seemed that they were a great team. A few difficulties, here and there, but nothing that they could not manage. Isak was always the calm member of the team, winding down tensions when they occur. Uma looked like the driving force behind the team, always filling the team with enthusiasm, while Kopi gave the ideas to team. All in all, an amazing trio!



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