Roblox Studio has arrived!

After some time a new favorite among the youth has arrived, Roblox! It provides the basic ingredients that result in a fun experience, such as customization, socialization and various creative components that let the player immerse themselves in another world. The best thing about it: it is free!

The thing that Computer Club can use is the Roblox Studio, a standalone application that lets the players become designers. This way, we can design immersive 3D worlds, which we can then share with everyone else!

Before we can become Roblox developers, there is a major obstacle in our way, which is the steep learning curve of the program (it is not easy). We are used to the world of RPG Maker games. Those games are in 2D, but Roblox is in 3D. The difference is huge! Only time will tell if we can rise up to the challenge.

While we are in the process of learning, check out the pictures from the club below!

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