13th class of Computer Club

So, we’re back! After a pause of a whopping three weeks, we have continued on with the 13th class of Computer Club.

12th class of Computer Club

The 12th class is also the last class before the spring break lasting for two weeks. This class was marked with a lower student count on the club, making it a bit easier for everyone to work on their projects. Afan got his laptop back, which is now faster than ever, enabling him to continue…

11th class of Computer Club

Orhan chose to start experimenting and learning the Unreal engine for game development. That is a hefty VG engine that is used professionally to make enterprise level games. It is extremely difficult to master, especially for primary school students. It is still good to see what is possible and available, so his endeavor won’t go…

9th class of Computer Club

The ninth class of Computer Club was held on Friday, 31st of March, at 16h in the Bloom’s library. We still only have a computer and a half available in the library and, as such, Orhan, Afan and the teacher brought their own laptops. Orhan and Adrian are trying to get into Unity, a super…

Adventure, the game

One small step for man, one giant leap for Computer Club. Finally, a game on the club has been made and it works!